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Hello and thank you for showing curiosity and perhaps an interest in connecting.

I am sitting here hitting the keypad, and I glance to my left. My left shoulder almost touches a pretty large window that looks out onto a concrete balcony and in the not too distant, a hill (Easterners would call it a mountain) filled with trees. The beauty of it is at this time of year, these trees are in the process of illuminating their inner passion.

I am sitting here in the Pacific Northwest, and feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to create for the online community from the comfort of my sanctuary.

I would love to hear from you — who you are and what you do. Feel free to leave a comment below and any links to your online blog, website or profiles.

Passionate? Different? It’s been said …

What would any eight year old Canadian city girl, dressed in pretty Italian dresses, rather be doing at nonna’s house while on summer vacation in the outskirts of Venezia — one of the most magical places on earth?

Climbing hot, glorious-smelling Italian plumb trees in grandma’s orchard and bombing unsuspecting uncles with rotten plumbs? Hello! How about spending her time picking up used wooden matchsticks from the ground and carving them into toothpicks, then selling them after every family dinner? Talk about exhilarating — all those limone gelato’s I bought myself! Delizioso!

A distinct need was identified. After an incredible multi-course, home-made italian cooked meal, who wouldn’t need a toothpick? Who wouldn’t need a handcrafted toothpick that money hadn’t been wasted to buy? Recycle. Reuse. Repurpose. Right?

Perhaps it was my incredibly hard-working grandfather who would climb out of bed at 4:00AM every morning and come home for dinner at 7:00 every evening visibly spent. Perhaps it was how he would reenergize after an aromatic, wine-blessed meal and get up onto our very long dinner table under the portico and begin singing his old-time war songs with his beautiful, charismatic, close-to toothless smile.

One thing is for sure — that’s when my entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and a few realities of life began to shape Doris Ferrarese Blanchet.

What Do I Know? I am what I am …

The most important things I have learned through my trips back to my second home is about how living honestly and passionately is what it is all about.

I have learned how life is much more satisfying when I make the most of every moment and push myself as hard as I can. I have learned how life is much more satisfying when after pushing so hard, I drop from exhaustion and pure exhilaration engulfs me all at the same time.

One trick I have learned — it is up to you to make the most of your moments. It’s our responsibility to reach for our full potential — and no one else’s.

What impassions you? Here are mine:

Oh, I almost forgot. What do I have a strong liking for? Inspirational thoughts! Have the same liking? Here’s a few for you, take a peek at one of my Facebook pages Lets Get Off Our Buts (by the way — that’s Buts and not Butts). Any inspirational thoughts guiding you these days? I’d LOVE to hear them! Post a comment down below ..

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My Passions

My Professional Passions

At 32 Years of Age

It was by accident that I fell head-over-heels for developing software. So it was a thankful brush of luck, that I switched from a logical life of accounting, to a creative life of computing science. After graduating from university, it was working for a consulting company whose clients included Microsoft, Adobe and Corel, that I discovered my true love — internet development.

I soon found myself been sweeped into the direction of working for a small internet consulting company in a cobblestoned neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver — and I was in heaven. At 32, I managed to get myself up to a six-figure income and life felt pretty great!

Then came the aftermath of the dot-com downward spiral. Perhaps another brush of luck and much-needed shake-up — at just how unrealistic things had become.

At 38 Years of Age

The 1st Of It’s Kind — Create Your Own Greeting Card Service

I broke loose from the strings of being employed and my forty-five minute, one-way, rush-hour dashes with throngs of impatient and impassioned drivers. I was breaking free to explore the world of product development on my own. I was breaking free to explore the world of bringing a product to launch on my own. I was breaking free to give birth to my baby, that I was so sure would revolutionize this world.

It all lay there in front of me, directories and directories of images and video clips after an incredible three-month trip to Italy with my partner. From hiking 113 kilometres in the craggy, limestone dolomites to living in a medieval hillside villiage in Tuscany for three weeks, to participating in the Venice marathon, Bassano del Grappa half-marathon and driving 10,000 kilometres through an incredible boot of a country — a hard-drive lay in front of me. A hard-drive filled with experiences.

What I needed right then, on the eve of Christmas, was an online card that highlighted the good, the bad and the ugly of our first epic journey together. The realization that soon followed is what set me on a race where I often found myself hyperventilating with excitement (and no, that is no exaggeration). Not a foot race, but a mad woman’s race to develop the first online application to allow users to select from a library of my images, or to upload their own images, and then to overlay bits of text on top of each image and associate a song with the card. Ultimately, to end up with a unique, this is the card I made for you honey kind of experience.

How did I do? Well I can proudly say I published my product before anyone else. I can proudly say, I had people using it from all over the world and telling me what an incredible idea this was. I can proudly say I had no idea what the heck I had gotten myself into, but kept pushing all hours of the day and week until it was in use. What happened next threw me for a little loop however. Actually, what happened next felt like I spun around in a few circles in the same spot, shook my head and fell backwards to the ground — but I knew it was going to happen. Smilebox published it’s site a couple of months after mine. A Washington-based (state) company started by six ex-Microsoft employees and over six million dollars of investment money — versus me, one optimistic, hard-working, passionate, and now semi-deflated woman.

The 1st Of It’s Kind — Wedding Invitation Mini-CD Service

Give up did you say? No way! I would just go at it from a different angle, and I did. With another fantastic, unique idea — electronic cards on mini CDs for weddings. Send a video-based Save-the-Date card, or engagement announcement, or wedding invitation, and don’t forget thank you for joining us on our special day card. It was awesome and once again, so much incredible work, all accomplished on my own. The highlight was being invited by a beautiful couple from Arizona to their Vancouver-based wedding just because of their invitation CD card I made. That was beautiful, and when at the reception the groom beautifully introduced my service to all their wedding guests — I was pleasantly taken aback. There was one problem — little old me was one person for a service that needed a team.

Give up did you say? No way! Yes, I didn’t have the money to hire a team of people, nor the know-how, at that point, to seek out angel investors, but what I could do was take a step back and simplify things a little bit. Which is what I did.


I offer a line of artistic cards through my online service,

click here to send an art card from is a web-based service I developed which enables artists and business owners to spread their work virally as beautiful online postcards, complete with custom postage stamps. On the flip side, card senders can express thoughts at any moment of the day with friends and family using incredibly beautiful imagery created by fascinating artists from around the world. Card recipients can reply and click on links which bring them into the world of the artist that is associated to the picture on the front of their postcard.

My company helps professional consultants reach for their full online potential using social media, whether it be blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook.

Having a presence on the internet is no longer a choice, it is a necessity — if you want credibility, visibility, respect and business. Likewise, developing social media strategy is vital to your success. So after fourteen years of developing software and internet applications and websites, too has evolved and our offerings encompass social media professional services.

In particular, Nova Terra Studios helps:

  • illuminate the unique and brilliant you.
  • create a buzz and attract visitors.
  • develop transparency, trust and increase traffic.
  • illuminate your authority
  • create raving customers
  • help you stay on top of everything social media with tips and tutorials

These days Doris Blanchet’s Living Passionately blog sings the world’s currently trending mantra: Be Found. Be Liked. Be Trusted.

Take a peek to see what it’s about, About This Blog and let’s reach for our full potential and discover our passionate journey together.

My Philanthropic Passions

Ten years ago, at the age of thirty-four (where has the time flown?!), a life-changing fork in the road presented itself in front of me. Kids or no kids? What a huge question for a girl to have to figure out — and with how things were sitting in my life at that time, I chose no kids.

Would there be regrets? That was my number one worry. I decided I would need to fill my life with incredibly beautiful and satisfying experiences that would fill any hole that may emerge from my inner depths. It was important for me to develop a non-profit fundraising initiative, to help make a difference in the world by helping kids celebrate life. I decided it would be incredibly satisfying for me, if I could somehow impart onto kids the importance of dreaming big, and giving all that you had to make your dreams come true.

click to visit
With this, ten years later, is born.

This non-profit fundraising initiative’s goal is to support charitable organizations who are helping kids reach for their dreams. Our Wish is to make 10 Wishes come true every year.

Granting a Wish is a wonderful, powerful and moving experience. The realization of a Wish come true has a profound effect — not only on the child, but on the child’s entire family, the volunteers and all of the caring supporters who make the Wish a reality.

click to visit

2011 is our first year, and Make10WishesComeTrue has chosen to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. Our goal for 2011, is to help 10 kids facing life-threatening challenges celebrate life, their life, by helping make one of their most precious Wishes come true. Our goal for 2011, is to grant ten Wishes and to do this — $60,000 needs to be raised.

To help make a difference — I will be running for money. Actually, running a marathon every month, from April to December 2011 and hopefully inspiring your support to help make a difference. Check out Doris’ marathons for Make-A-Wish Foundation’s kids.

One step at a time, we will reach the $60,000 goal. Imagine that moment when 10 children’s faces light up as they learn their Wish will be granted!

My I’m On Vacation Passions

White sand, turquoise waters, a good book in hand, and a beach chair — so what hot destination are you headed for this year?

This baby is certainly not headed there! I am pretty much glued to my laptop all year, the last thing I look forward to doing on my vacation is lying down and reading. Sorry (definitely younger and yes — smarter) sister of mine — sounds lovely, but I’m not quite ready for that, just yet …

Best vacations? Those that help me really appreciate two days at a beautiful hotel after two weeks of being physically put to the test in a quiet, breathtaking location. Even better, those vacations that help me see clearer than before and maybe even help me see the fork in the road I need to face, after all the vacation is over.

What did you do last year? Most memorable highlights of last year’s vacation:

  • California’s Surfing U.S.A. image shattered. Try a high Sierra Nevada intense 16-day hike along the infamous John Muir Trail — starting from Yosemite National Park to the top of the highest mountain in the lower 48 states, Mount Whitney (211 miles/340 kilometres).

    Mount Whitney ~August 2010

    Up to this point, I had been living 1,300 kilometres from the trailhead of an intensingly beautiful, jaw-dropping, challenging trekking opportunity and didn’t even know it! The drop-dead highlight of the hike — sleeping on the very top of Mount Whitney, in a small two-person tent less than ten feet from the edge of this incredible mound of rock. Actually, my husband slept. I shivered to bone with no long underwear and a very thin sleeping bag waiting for sunrise to embrace. But what an experience!

  • Being broadsided by Ultra Marathoner Dean Karnazes. Little did I know what I signed up for when sending in my $100 entrance fee to the Dean Karnazes Marathon in Silicon Valley’s San Jose, California last October 31st.

    I didn’t have time to explore who Dean Karnazes was before the event. During the event, all I got was that he was one of many guys that passed me, but with a twist, he had a groupy of runners running alongside him. After the event, I was fortunate to finally get it and I was unmistakenly struck by the quiet intensity of this man.

    Dean Karnazes has since changed my world in a few ways and I am so grateful for that five-and-a-half hour (yes, I hate to admit it) experience. This man, without knowing it, is incredibly helping shape Doris Blanchet with his simple wall rattling realization:
    We are all living in cages with the door wide open. ~ George Lucas


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