Daily Blog Tip #7: Eat, Pray, Search

Eat, Pray, Search? Our grandparents thought they had it tough walking miles through snow to get to school. Our parents might understand that they actually had it easy. All they had to worry about was where they fit in, in the scheme known as the world. Today, we have to worry about: where do we […]

Daily Blog Tip #6 : Miss Manners Would Say Pay Attention To Your Visitors

You’ve invited a business associate and their spouse for an intimate, get-to-know-you better kind of an evening at your place. Some wine, some music, the conversation gets kicking. Your cell phone rings. What’s worse? You look at your cell, review the text message OR quickly respond to the call. What’s worse – how about all […]

Daily Blog Tip #5: Stir Them Into Submission, Right From The Post’s Opening

Allow your creative juices to flow — so much so, that your reader gets stupefyingly stuck to your words, even for just a few seconds! You have micro-seconds, actually as much as 6 seconds according to some, to entrance your audience into listening to what you have to say. YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #4 of 30), […]

Daily Blog Tip #4: Aim For The Rock, And You Will Hit The Rock

Actually for me, it wasn’t a case of hitting a rock, it was a case of hitting a very large furniture delivery truck: At the wonderous age of five, I eagerly marched half way up the top of my neighbourhood block with my brand new purple bike in tow (I have to tell you, it […]

Daily Blog Tip #3: Electrify — Entertain, Educate, Engage and Enrich

Benjamin Franklin died in 1790 at 84 years of age. He was called the harmonious human multitude. To this day, his electric personality, still lights the world. YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #2 of 30), focus on finding your voice through your soul and write so your audience can feel passion. TODAY’S TIP: build credibility by consistently […]

Daily Blog Tip #2: Find Your Voice And You Discover A World At Your Door

YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #1 of 30), a blog helps you network 24/7 and helps build your like and trust factor. TODAY’S TIP: you want to fill the room with the sweet sound of an aria, or perhaps, with the engulfing sounds of warm laughter. (Tweet This) In either case, find your voice through your soul […]

Daily Blog Tip #1: You Need A Blog — Not For Christmas, Right Now

(Tweet This) To be successful in today’s world, you need to network. You need to be liked and you need to be trusted. Blogging allows you to be found 24/7. Did you get that? That includes while you sleep! Imagine being a magnet that draws the world to you 24/7! Attracting people that want to […]