Blog, Ding — Get The Connection? (Part 1 of 3)

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I want to put a ding in the universe.

Blogging 101

A sip of red wine and I SIGN IN to my blog from anywhere in the world, to blog and escape and connect via my blog post.

In my mind’s eye a picture escapes, I begin to type in a feverish spurt and then I take a break. My passion is released.

Use storytelling as your mechanism to connect and you not only touch, you maybe even electrify your brand. The jist of it is, your reader is more likely to remember you, your brand, because of your story. [Read More…]

I click PUBLISH and I can almost hear the hundreds of dings echoing across this internet-based world.

My words, my story sits unopened in subscriber inboxes, eagerly awaiting to be unleashed and devoured to hopefully inspire a dialog through the blog’s comment box.

Ten minutes pass, and my words are illuminated across a screen half way across the country, in black and white; a smile, then a giggle — this reader engages. Twelve hours later, my words are revealed across another screen and this time triggers a comment.

As the writer of a post, you have the choice to make any comment public, for everyone to see. You also have the choice to reply to the comment publicly.

These two readers previously connected with me through another blog post.

They had a need, did a Google search, and a link to one of my blog posts appeared to be related to that need so they clicked on it.

I obviously met their need to some extent, as they made a choice to ensure they could hear more from me — they ultimately chose to subscribe to what I had to say, to ensure that any future post I published, would land in their inbox.

One connection, two; gentle touches through stories.

The magic lies in what just happened — you pushed a blog post out to the internet to sit on your blog to wait to be searched for. But you also pushed a blog post out to your subscriber’s email inboxes — so they don’t have to go searching for your posts.

Blog posts are an opportunity for a relationship to be seeded, nurtured and to blossom.

Storytelling is the mechanism, your blog is your tool to engage and lead the reader through your sales funnel.

Use Blogging For Your Business

Not one bit of pavement needs to be pounded, simply a keystroke.

Not one doorbell needs to be rung, simply a ding.

Not one explanation needs to be made, your blog and all it’s stories do that for you.

Steve Jobs said “I want to put a ding in the universe.” [Read More…]

Quite simply, a blog, is a mechanism that enables you to send millions of tiny dings into the universe to electrify and engage.

Over time, these tiny dings can become bigger dings which can ultimately leave impressions which help you achieve the goals that impassion you. The choice is yours what you want to use your blog for.

For your business — a blog is more powerful than pounding the pavement; your blog is 24/7 your brand. Use your blog to increase your LIKE, increase your transparency and increase your TRUST factors so much so that you make that sale.

Your blog is YOU — on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

YOU can make an impression.

You can use your blog to engage fellow guest bloggers. Enable them to post their stories as blog posts; you are given the ability to review and edit their posts before choosing to publish them on your blog.

Want more? Your blog can be as expensive as free.

Now… blog, ding — get the connection?

Stay tuned for the next post in this three-part series of Blogging 101

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