Top 5 Reasons To Say Brand Me!

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What Is A Personal Brand?

When you hear the word tax accountant, what impression forms in your head?
How about the word web developer? Or steward? Or car salesman?

Sometimes, just looking at a person, you can discern whether they are a banker or a sports coach.

Whether you realize it or not, you already have a personal brand attached to yourself. The important question is — does your target market have the mental picture of you, you want them to have?

Top 5 Reasons To Brand Yourself

1. You Want To Control How You Are Perceived

Branding yourself is about taking control of how your target market perceives you before they come into direct contact with you.

Branding is about defining youself, instead of letting them define you.

When you take control and define your personal brand, you define:

  • What your values are, your personality, what you specialize in and what makes you unique amongst your competitors.
  • What you promise to give your ideal prospects, that they value, if they deal with you.
  • What you offer over and above, that results in generating for you a steady flow of referrals.

2. You Want To Show How You’re Different

As a consultant, you have two choices: either choose to be different from your competition and market yourself as a brand, or choose to be the same as everyone else and market yourself as a commodity.

The key for having a profitable business is differentiation. That is what allows you to add value and receive compensation for it.

When you differentiate yourself from your competitors, you are specializing and you become an expert in that particular area.

3. You Want To Show How You’re Alike

Who doesn’t feel more comfortable working alongside people who have the same values as us?

It is important to align yourself with the values of your target audience.

You want your brand to create the feeling this person is like me. You want your brand to begin to create positive feelings from repeated touches by only your messages and persona — even before your prospects know what you are about and how you do it.

4. You Want Prospects To Walk Through Your Door On Their Own

Specialization – is the most important part of a successful brand.

You will attract new business, more importantly, you will attract exactly the customers you are looking for. Your network will understand what your brand stands for and begin referring prospects to your door.

5. You Want To Gain Expert Status

Branding yourself by specializing, forces you to create an in-depth knowledge in a particular area.

What you say begins to spread like wildfire and you begin to be touted as the expert you are. People will view you not as a commodity, but as a valuable expert service. You will be able to charge more for what you do.


A great personal brand begins to take a beat of it’s own. Like a picture speaks a thousand words, your brand forms a mental picture of you and also speaks a thousand words.

You can take control what that picture looks like and you can shape that picture so that attracts 24/7. That is the mark of a successful brand.

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Top 5 Reasons To Say Brand Me!

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  1. Interesting article Doris. I actually clicked on it initially because of the great image with the quote. Well done.

    • Hi Aimee…
      Thank you!

      I actually enjoy looking into her eyes first thing in the morning – helps me get into ‘the right space’ to begin my work for the day 🙂

      From Washington?! I just ‘ran through’ Washington and Oregon – drove over to Hood River for an incredible marathon – and experience with fantastic vibrant intense colours – WOW!

      I love the quotes on your site as well! I LOVE the photo you have for your post on my birthday – Sept 23! :):) I LOVE trees and GREEN and the purple flowers are incredible! THANK YOU 😉

      Have a great day Aimee – and thank you for connecting .. I see you have a great appreciation for Steve Jobs as well .. he will be missed greatly – but what an AMAZING ‘dent’ he has left on this world ..

      ~ Doris.

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