Daily Blog Tip #7: Eat, Pray, Search

Eat, Pray, Search? Our grandparents thought they had it tough walking miles through snow to get to school. Our parents might understand that they actually had it easy. All they had to worry about was where they fit in, in the scheme known as the world.

Today, we have to worry about: where do we fit in, in this picture called life and where does our blog post fit in, in the virtual world called the web.

They were told to reach for the moon and you’ll land amongst the stars. We’re told reach for the moon alright, but don’t forget to reach for page one of the almighty, mystic Google search engine rankings.

YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #6 of 30), categories and tags serve two audiences. The priority of your category and tags should be to serve your site’s visitors who have made the effort to come and visit.
TODAY’S TIP: incorporating a few simple Search Engine Optimization tweaks can be your ticket to a whole family of new readers.

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Yes, the world spins, and yes, Google’s search engine ranking algorithms will forever change and improve to deal with the scheming I figured out the system-and-am-going-to-beat-it kind of hackers.

But, you can make a difference or at least try to. In particular, ensure your blog post’s:

  • headings and titles are catchy and also, incorporate your selected keywords. CAVEAT: If you’re working from the WordPress content management blogging system, when you set your blog or page’s title, WordPress automatically creates a file using that title as it’s filename. This is important for search engine rankings. If you now change your page title, your filename will not be changed and this inconsistenty in names could hinder your search engine rankings.
  • first paragraph incorporates the same keywords found in the main heading.
NOW CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Create a blog post. Insert a few inconspicuous keywords. Wait a day or two. Then test out your selected keywords and see how much of the genius you can be.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip — at midnight tonight…

novaTerraStudios.com founder

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