Daily Blog Tip #6 : Miss Manners Would Say Pay Attention To Your Visitors

You’ve invited a business associate and their spouse for an intimate, get-to-know-you better kind of an evening at your place. Some wine, some music, the conversation gets kicking. Your cell phone rings.

What’s worse? You look at your cell, review the text message OR quickly respond to the call.

What’s worse – how about all three! Forget the cell, forget the text messaging, forget picking up that phone.

YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #5 of 30), entrance your audience with captivating words or images that engage them with thought.
TODAY’S TIP: categories and tags serve two audiences — your site’s visitors and the internet search engines. While your priority as a hostess should be to serve your house guests who have made the effort to come to visit, the priority of your category and tags should be to serve your site’s visitors who have made the effort to come and visit.

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What’s the point here?

The categories and tags you associate to each blog post should be setup to make your readers happy. Don’t go gangbusters adding an infinitum of these babies to please the search engines — your readers will get frustrated and most likely, leave.

In particular, remember:

  • categories should serve as an aid, like the table of contents in a book.
  • tags should serve as an aid, like the index at the back of a book.
NOW CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Go play with your categories and tags. Go attract your site’s visitors. Go make sure you pay attention to those visitors.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip — at midnight tonight…(tip #7 of 30)

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