Daily Blog Tip #5: Stir Them Into Submission, Right From The Post’s Opening

Allow your creative juices to flow — so much so, that your reader gets stupefyingly stuck to your words, even for just a few seconds!

You have micro-seconds, actually as much as 6 seconds according to some, to entrance your audience into listening to what you have to say.

YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #4 of 30), be clear of the target you are aiming for — it’s yours for the taking, and with hard work, you will get there.
TODAY’S TIP: entrance your audience with captivating words or images that engage them with thought.

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Whether giving a speech or writing a blog post, aim to immediately capture your reader’s attention, create curiosity and trap them into thinking. Go above and beyond capturing their attention, and you will increase the likelihood your point will be remembered.

Consider incorporating:

  • a startling question or a challenging statement.
  • an appropriate quotation, anecdote, illustration or story.
  • rhetorical devices like similes, metaphors, alliterations or triads.
  • a visual display of some object or picture.
  • an attention-getting fact that ties in with your subject.
NOW CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Create a stash of words that stir, entrance and maybe even arrest, ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip — at midnight tonight…(tip #6 of 30)

novaTerraStudios.com founder

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