Daily Blog Tip #4: Aim For The Rock, And You Will Hit The Rock

Actually for me, it wasn’t a case of hitting a rock, it was a case of hitting a very large furniture delivery truck:

At the wonderous age of five, I eagerly marched half way up the top of my neighbourhood block with my brand new purple bike in tow (I have to tell you, it wasn’t just any purple, but Donny Osmond’s favourite tone of purple, and perfect in every sense with not a smidgen of a scratch).

I could still hear my dad coaching me onto the bike from a short distance away. I could hear him encouraging me put your feet on the pedals and start pedaling. I could still feel my eyes popping wide open, as the truck parked at the bottom of the block caught my immediate attention.

I could hear my dad yelling don’t hit the truck, and I could feel how strongly I didn’t want to hit it. Yet, instead of looking off to the front or the back of the truck, I looked straight at the center of it’s body. And you know what? I bounced off, exactly where I inadvertently aimed for.

YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #3 of 30), build credibility by consistently writing content that entertains, educates, engages and enriches.
TODAY’S TIP: be clear of the target you are aiming for — it’s yours for the taking, and with hard work, you will get there.

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Elite athletes use mental imagery to visualize their performance. Determined, consistent focus can help you achieve your goals and improve your game — it can also help you achieve the goals set out for your blog.

Increase the odds of hitting your blog’s targets, by setting those targets in the first place. In particular, identify:

  • what is the purpose of the blog? What is the core message you want to relay? How does this message relate to your business?
  • what are the goals for the blog? Do you want increased visibility? Increased leads? Are you interested in offering existing clients help? Associate numbers with your goals. At any point in time, you should easily be able to identify where you are relative to your target.
  • who you’re trying to attract and what are their needs? You’ll want to be sure to address their challenges.
NOW CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Go and aim with unwavering determination for your rock — and remember, luck will have nothing to do with it — when you hit it!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip — at midnight tonight…(tip #5 of 30)

novaTerraStudios.com founder

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