Daily Blog Tip #3: Electrify — Entertain, Educate, Engage and Enrich

Benjamin Franklin died in 1790 at 84 years of age. He was called the harmonious human multitude. To this day, his electric personality, still lights the world.

YESTERDAY’S TIP: (tip #2 of 30), focus on finding your voice through your soul and write so your audience can feel passion.
TODAY’S TIP: build credibility by consistently writing content that entertains, educates, engages and enriches.

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People today (statistics) primarily read blogs for educational and intellectual stimulation, followed by cathartic entertainment.

Electrify your audience by twisting in one or more of the high-quality E’s into your stories and you will have them reaching out for more.

EDUCATE: Teach your reader about your area of expertise.

ENTERTAIN: Storytelling is powerful. Stories are used to emotionally enter people’s minds. A story is easily remembered. What if you could get your audience to remember you?

ENGAGE: Motivate your reader to go from passive to engaged.

ENRICH: Give your reader something they weren’t expecting; something that makes them go Ohhh; something that goes above and beyond their basic need.

NOW CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Go and electrify, and remember to twist in those high-quilty E’s.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip — at midnight tonight…(tip #4 of 30)

novaTerraStudios.com founder

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  1. Naomi Ogaldez says:

    These tips are really good! I have read all of them so far, but I have no idea if I am writing a blog how its meant to be? I barely started my blog a little over a week ago. I am still confused about all these buttons and how to add stuff like how do you add the buttons to your blog that are near the Share this: ?? I am confused. It would be cool if you can check out my blog and give me your opinion if I am doing this correctly. My blog is http://revealingthetruth1.wordpress.com/

    • Hi Naomi,
      First of all thank you for stopping by ‘and’ leaving a comment – and for your compliment!

      First of all – I am impressed how much you’ve written in just one week. Second, your stories are wonderful! Humans really connect with stories. If I my make one suggestion – I find subheaders GREAT – it helps break up a long piece of written material – and refocuses the reader if they are waning, and if you make the subheader entertaining/engaging .. it encourages them to continue.

      If you like – I will be publishing 23 more tips to go along with this series. You can subscribe to my blog if you’d like, to ensure you don’t miss them.
      Have a great day Naomi!
      ~ Doris.

      • Naomi Ogaldez says:

        Hello Doris,

        Thanks for all the advice. Sorry, but what is a subheader? I don’t know what that is.

        I followed you, does that mean I am subscribed or do I have to put my e-mail in the subscription box?

        Sorry for all my questions. I am really grateful that you are taking the time to help out a newby like me=)


      • Hi Naomi.

        Thank YOU for your questions! Your questions are helping me see what additional topics for my blog should be! 🙂

        There are 6 header sizes that come with your theme:

        The first one, H1, is the largest.
        The second one, would be slightly smaller, or depending on your theme, the same size but not in bold.

        You see.

        So .. within your posts .. you should break out one long article with subheaders.

        Is this clearer?

        You’ll see that this post has subheaders .. it actually helps with search engine optimization as well.

        Also – following is GREAT .. ends up being the same thing as subscribing.

        ~ Doris.

      • Naomi Ogaldez says:


        So the subheaders for the article that you sent me are the bolder titles within the article right?
        I just want to make sure I am looking at the right thing. Thanks.

      • Hi Naomi,
        Yes .. for example the “Spinning Out of Control” is a subheader for the article, and “1 Hour After The Race Ends” is another subheader of a different size.
        ~ Doris.

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