Daily Blog Tip #1: You Need A Blog — Not For Christmas, Right Now

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To be successful in today’s world, you need to network. You need to be liked and you need to be trusted.

Blogging allows you to be found 24/7. Did you get that? That includes while you sleep!

Imagine being a magnet that draws the world to you 24/7! Attracting people that want to network with you.

This is known as networking one-to-many. Blogging is a Go Green machine that allows you to reach a world-wide audience at relatively, no cost to anyone!

Blogging encourages transparency and more. Learn how blogging can benefit you, click here.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tip — at midnight tonight…(tip #2 of 30)

novaTerraStudios.com founder

PS: Interested in gaining attention through your social media efforts? Ask me for a free professional evaluation of your online potential!

Let’s Reach Our Potential In Social Media

Join me every day for an inspirational Kick That But — that’s right, let’s kick those buts out of our vocabulary! Watch for 30 tips in the next 30 days to help you reach for your potential in the blogosphere.



  1. Randy Braun says:

    Where did the photos go?
    Doris, are you learning about Google Plus?

    • Hi Randy – the photo in the email? I switched to a new theme and it appears to have affected my email posts. It’s truncating my content – should have it fixed asap!

      I haven’t got into Google Plus as much as I want to – how are you finding it?

  2. Hi Doris, and welcome to the blogosphere! Google+ is a lot of fun, BTW…


    • Mike, hello 🙂

      Well – it is amazing to be here! I see you have Frances Mayes on your blogroll – how many times have you seen Under The Tuscan Sun? (honestly …) Love her writing!
      Please say hello to Marcia for me. BTW I still have your quote overtop of my desk – Perhaps the only limits to the human mind are those we believe in. ~ Willis is Harman

      Google+ is fun eh? Hmmm .. I will have to dive in deeper .. Have a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING …
      ~ Doris.

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