Bat An Elevator Pitch Or Bat A Blog? Top 5 Reasons To Blog

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You’re up at bat. You’ve got one, maybe two minutes to bat an elevator pitch.

To be successful in today’s world, you need help. To find the help you need, you need to network.

Well, how did you do? Did you hit a home run or did you get a strike? It’s three strikes before you’re out. You’ve got another chance, right?

To Blog or Not To Blog? Top 5 Reasons

1. Be Found

You’re in a room filled with people. Now go on — put on your best cap, flash those pearly whites and approach someone. When the moment’s right, get ready to bat. Back and forth the game goes on. When time’s out, flash your business card and remember to ask for theirs. Now, ready for the next game? You’re up again.

Sound like a great way to figure out how you can help them? How about a great way to find someone that can help you? Does it give you the warm ‘n fuzzies and make you look forward to the next game? Aside from the anxiety a game such as this is known to cause, the amount of time required to effectively network one-to-one is extraordinary!

Blogging on the other hand, allows you to be found 24/7. Did you get that? That includes while you sleep!

Imagine being a magnet that draws the world to you 24/7! Attracting people that want to network with you.

This is known as networking one-to-many. It not only saves time, it’s a Go Green machine that allows you to reach a world-wide audience at relatively, no cost to anyone!

How does blogging work? The more posts you write containing the keywords you’re passionate about, the more search engines will devour you. The more your content is devoured, the higher you will be ranked. The higher you are ranked, the greater the crescendo of connecting hearts. You will be found. You will be matched. You will make the connections you want.

The bonus? Other bloggers may love you just as much as the search engines and invite you to write for their blogs!

2. Be Liked

Blogging helps bring out your personality. Blogging helps you shine your brightest, then lets you bask in the afterglow.

Blogging enables you to share your expertise without the pressure. Everyone is relaxed and more open. A blog helps draw people in.

A blog can be used to showcase your personality as your differentiator — use it to build your personal brand.

A business-related blog shows readers what you think about a particular product or service or idea. An interest-related blog enables your audience to learn about you as a person: your wit, your ingenuity, what makes you you. Combine these two perspectives and you’ve got yourself a unique angle.

3. Be Trusted

Blogging encourages transparency. With transparency comes intimacy. With intimacy, blogging engenders trust.

In ten minutes, a blog shows your authority more credibly than your website can. Blog posts are your perspectives on the world around you. Blog posts show the value you can bring to increase understanding of a topic. Use your posts to engage, entertain and educate. Use your posts to voice your opinion on other blogger’s posts.

Your website is your storefront — it outlines the benefits of your products and services. The content changes infrequently.

Use our blog to find your unique voice and deliver that voice consistently. The key to blogging is to post at least once a week. Keep your blog fresh. Keep yourself in front of your audience’s eyes. A blog post is usually less than 300 words.

4. Cheap To Setup And Easy To Update

Blogs allow your audience to easily subscribe to receive your posts by email or to subscribe to receive your posts by RSS.

It’s easy to enable additional functionality in a blog and enhance the reader’s experience. From widgets to showcase a listing of your favorite blogs, to showing the last five entries in your Twitter feed, to providing an alternate means of accessing your posts — by calendar, by tags or categories, or simply your latest posts.

Blogs easily enable sharing your posts through other social media channels, they enable 5-star ratings and soliciting information through polls.

All of this and more, can be yours for free!

5. Foster A Community

Blogs enable two-way communication through commenting. Setup your commenting facility so that you have 100% control in what comments are published or not. Where you can approve each comment that comes through and even edit the comments. Your audience leaves comments and you have the choice to reply.

Blogs enable you to provide access for Guest Bloggers. You can setup a guest account and allow your guests to add and edit their posts. When they’re ready, you give the final okay before publishing it to the world.

Encourage comments and links to other blogs.

Allow your passion to shine through in the comfort of your sanctuary. Perhaps some soft music, a glass of wine, a glance here and there out the window to watch the leaves turn their pretty hues of golds and reds. Let your fingers do the batting and then bask in the afterglow.

Could networking get any better than this?

Please share your blogging stories in the comments below and don’t forget to share your blog! Search engines LOVE those inbound links!

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