Inspire A Friend—With Willis Harman

People Who Kick Buts: Willis Harman

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Perhaps the only limits to the human mind are those we believe in.

  • Born in Seattle, Washington on August 16, 1918; passed away on January 30, 1997.
  • An American engineer, social scientist, academic, futurist, writer, and visionary.
  • He is best remembered for his work with SRI International, for being president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California, and for his work in raising consciousness within the international business community.
  • He graduated from the University of Washington in 1939 with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. After graduation, he worked for General Electric and then joined the Navy as an electrical officer. He was stationed on the USS Maryland (BB-46) but was ashore near Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
  • After the end of World War II, Harman received his M.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

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  1. Way to go Blaine! It is raining up here too – and you have inspired me to step out for my run! THANK YOU!


  1. […] after some great twitter pep talks from a fellow enthusiast and inspirational quotes like getting off our butts, I got out in the rain and did 7k (before the Nano […]

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