Inspire A Friend—With George Lucas

People Who Kick Buts: George Lucas

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We are all living in cages with the door wide open.

  • Born Modesto, California on May 14, 1944.
  • An American film producer, screenwriter, and director, and entrepreneur..
  • He is the founder, chairman and chief executive of Lucasfilm.
  • He is best known as the creator of the space opera franchise Star Wars and the archaeologist-adventurer character Indiana Jones. Lucas is one of the American film industry’s most financially successful directors/producers, with an estimated net worth of $3.2 billion as of 2011.
  • As a child, Lucas never learned to swim, which became a source of embarrassment and frustration as he became older. Lucas has expressed in several interviews that his inability to swim was “the passion that drove me to succeed in filmmaking… [It] gave me the chip on my shoulder that I think was critical to my later success”.

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