10 Reasons To Race

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Are you crazy? Why would you want to do that?

Here are 10 reasons you might want to consider
when the thought to race enters your mind!

  1. Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we
    could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of.

    ~ Patti Sue Plumer

  2. Races today are huge events and people of all ages and sizes participate for the fun of it! Whether it be for the enjoyment of a unique course, the entertainment, the pumped up camaraderie or the fans — racing is a great way to work hard, play hard and party afterwards!
  3. Racing today is more than just about competition. You can get what you want out of it: enter to help someone close to you across the finish line, enter to spend quality time with friends or family, enter to benefit a charity like Make 10 Wishes Come True, enter to improve your personal best.
  4. Use racing as a means to help keep you motivated and focused. A race is something to work towards and to help you get out the door and exercising. It is a great mechanism to help you get into the habit to set a goal, create a plan and to execute it!

  5. Racing is a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem. You are setting your goals and you are working hard to achieve them. SUCCESS breeds greater success! Get caught in the loop — and watch yourself spin in amazement!

  6. To make noise — lot’s of it! Hoot ’til you drop! You’ll be invigorated and the lift you’ll feel cheering other participants on will make it all worth it.

  7. Racing gets you out of your routines. Too often in our training, we run the same course at the same pace at the same time of day. Routine is good but you need variation, and a race every once in awhile is a great way to mix things up.
  8. Race to cross the finish line. The feeling of I DID IT is bound to help keep the doctor away!

  9. Race and you’ll boost your PASSION!

  10. Race and you will inspire others to follow you!

I would LOVE to hear YOUR MARATHON/ULTRA MARATHON stories! Please post your blogs in the comments below.

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  1. Reese Antonoplos says:

    I love running and recently started a blog about it. Hope you like my stories! http://finishlinesandwine.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you for the great reasons to race! We have shared your blog and ideas on our facebook page to help inspire some of our runners. Congrats on all your running achievements!!


    • Hello and thank you for sharing this post and your comment!
      You certainly have a few great initiatives on your plate.
      Is http://www.comfortzonecamp.org/ your initiative?

      I love this quote on your site:
      “I’ve never been one to give up when challenged and when running (or life!) places obstacles in my path, be they injury, illness, or just not enough time in the day, running also teaches me that I have the strength to overcome them if I just dig a little deeper, push a little harder, and hang in there a little longer.

      EXACTLY! That is the great side-benefit all pushing ourselves in running.

      This reason is why Make10WishesComeTrue.com has evolved to what it is today.
      The idea is to encourage people to set personal race time goals and train to ensure they meet them – while at the same time raising money to support the charity of their choice.

      It would be great to keep in touch – my plans for Make10WishesComeTrue involve kids too ..

      ~ Doris.

  3. Comfort Zone Camp is not our initiative. However, we strongly support it and want to help raise awareness about it. We should definitely keep in touch!

  4. I just started at the end of May 2011 and I absolutely love it! I have done several mud runs, not necessarily for the competition of time but for the individual accomplishment as well as the camaraderie with my team. I have been doing 5ks and everytime I am trying to beat my last time. I ran a 5mi for the first time yesterday and I felt so incredible when I crossed that finish line.

    • Hi Christine, thank you for your comments about racing.

      CONGRATULATIONS on your first 5 miler yesterday! Moving THROUGH new distances is an INCREDIBLE feeling!

      I haven’t done a mud run .. but am definitely going to seek one out next year. So many people pay so much money for mud spas .. I could just feel how stress-relieving a mud run would be!! Just thinking .. to get one’s partner involved could be a great way to work out tension build-up too!! LOVE IT 🙂

      My Warmest Regards,

      ~ Doris.

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