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Make10WishesComeTrue is a non-profit fundraising initiative, developed by Doris Blanchet whose mission is to help make a difference in the world, by helping kids celebrate life. A little added challenge — to run a green campaign. No paper. Only keystrokes.

When you dream big, anything is possible.
Every child deserves to make a wish.
Together, we can help make wishes come true.

Make10WishesComeTrue’s Mission

Make10WishesComeTrue is running to support charities who help kids reach for their dreams. MISSION: to Make 10 Wishes Come True every year.

There are two ways to Take The Challenge:

  1. Click 2 Donate to sponsor a racer
  2. Race 2 Raise to set a financial goal and challenge friends, family and colleagues to support you and the kids!

There are so many inspirational stories of courage. Catie has such a story and was an amazing girl! Catie was able to accomplish what most people will not or cannot accomplish in their lifetimes.

If there are some who are passionate about helping kids realize their wishes, imagine what those few can accomplish together, as a group.

If we generate a spark and launch our dream, if our dream is to help kids reach for their dream, we become an example for each of those kids and their friends.

We become an example that teaches the importance of dreaming, of setting goals, and reaching for those goals. We help them discover the importance of falling down AND getting back up!

Can you imagine the gift we will impart on them? Can you imagine the ripple effect? Can you imagine the gift we will leave generations to follow?!

Make10WishesComeTrue’s Goal for 2011

2011 is our first year and this year Make10WishesComeTrue supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation(British Columbia & Yukon)®. Our Wish for 2011 is to grant 10 kids struggling with life-threatening conditions their greatest Wish!

Our goal is to raise over $60,000 in pledges through December 2011. Then we wave the magic wand and grant 10 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation® kids. Imagine the surprise on 10 kids faces!

100% of ALL DONATIONS go directly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through their secure third-party payment processing site.

Imagine the energy, the smiles, the renewed hope and determination to fight harder if that gift they open has a message that their greatest Wish will come true?

Some inspiration for us all. Listen to the energy, the attitude, the inspiration — here is Glen:

You Can Help Make A Difference

A visit to the doctor ignites your worst nightmare. Is it your child, grandchild, niece, nephew or friend? If it was someone you knew, would you want us to help?

Do you like what we are doing? Please visit our Facebook fan page and click LIKE to make a difference. The more fans we have, the greater momentum we get.

Our Facebook fan page: Make10WishesComeTrue on Facebook

Interested in making a difference at a different level? We would LOVE to hear about it!

Contact us through our website,

Click here, I Want To Take The Challenge!

Together, we can make many wishes come true. More than we can imagine!

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